Our Reward Programme is a lot more than a modest, monetary ‘thank you’, paid in return for recommending us to others.

The dynamic second video in our sequence, ‘VIDEO 2: YOUR REWARDS’, highlights how the Company can afford to pay our Affiliates and Consultants a significant Retail Commission every time a Customer makes a purchase of gold, but that’s only the start…

As a Compensation Plan there’s no question, the Legacy Gold Programme stands head and shoulders above other home-based opportunities by being one of the most lucrative plans ever seen in the industry. Retail Commission is only the first of 5 different Bonuses and Commissions that the Company offers, together with a comprehensive recognition programme which will be revealed during the second half of 2016.

The Reward Programme brochure takes you through the Plan, step by step, starting with the 3 ways to get involved, providing a comprehensive Glossary of Terms which we use in the business and culminating in a step by step guide to all 5 of the Commissions which you can earn, complete with earning examples.

Don’t worry if you don’t grasp the detail after just one reading; You’ll have plenty of time to understand it fully and we will also run explanatory webinars and trainings on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to ask your upline for advice and you can always drop us a line at

Flipbook Video 4: Our Affiliate Programme Download as a PDF