Our special introductory offer allows all first-time customers to buy at a one-off, unprecedented introductory price (up to a maximum initial purchase of 10g of gold), at spot price +10%.

Voucher Codes are obtained in one of 2 ways:

1. By being handed a physical Discount Voucher (bearing a unique printed Voucher Code).

2. By receiving an electronic Discount Voucher (also showing a unique Voucher Code).

How to use the Discount Vouchers:

When placing their first order, a Customer opens an account online and places their order in the usual way. At the Checkout, there's a field into which the new Customer types their Preferred Customer Voucher Code.

By doing so, the cost of the gold in the Shopping Cart is recalculated so that the total value of the first order is charged at an incredibly low 10% over Spot Price on that particular day.

    Terms of use:

  1. Voucher Codes may only be used once.
  2. Only one Voucher Code may ever be used by any single Customer.
  3. Voucher Codes are ONLY valid for first orders, up to a maximum size of 10g of gold.
  4. Due to the high pro rata cost to produce 1g bars, first orders for 1g bars and multiples thereof, FOR DELIVERY ONLY, will be charged at Spot+20%, which still represents possibly the best value for money you’ll find!
  5. Gold may be purchased for storage (in the Customer's Bullion Account) or, for delivery to the Customer's Registered address (as a 1g bar(s) or a single 10g bar) in the usual way.
  6. 1g bars for delivery incur an additional handling charge.


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