In keeping with their own philosophy, the Founders of Legacy Gold sought the very highest standards of quality, service and reputation when looking to form a strategic partnership with a gold refinery.

They found it in the Stephens Betts Group.

The Stephen Betts Group (since 1760)

Having traded for over 250 Years, Betts combine traditional values with 21st Century service.

The Betts name is inextricably linked with precious metals and the family business is the oldest surviving precious metal refining and dealing business in the UK.

1760 saw the dawn of the industrial revolution in England and the ascension of King George III to the throne. Alexander Betts came from Sussex to the village of Birmingham to set up a smelting and refining business to recover gold and silver ores and precious metals from wastes being produced in Birmingham's newly established Jewellery Quarter.

The business was known as Betts and Sons.

The Business has survived and thrived through a rich tapestry of global and British events, with the direct line of descendants sometimes hanging by a thread. But survive it has and today, under the Chairmanship of Stephen Betts, the Company thrives with Stephen's son Charles as the current Group Managing Director, representing the ninth consecutive generation of the Betts family to manage the business.

The Group is a relatively diverse range of businesses engaged in activities from dental alloy manufacture to gold exploration and from investment metal trading to wedding ring design. However, the Group's core ethos of integrity and quality service, and its focus on precious metal expertise have remained its cornerstones since 1760.

Today, Legacy Gold is not only proud to be associated with such a prestigious organisation and honoured to carry the Betts brand alongside our own on our fine gold bars, but can also provide peace of mind to our Customers that their gold is secure in the vaults of Britain's oldest gold dealers.


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