People have historically turned to tangible savings such as gold to protect their wealth and secure their purchasing power over long periods of time. It’s seen as a ‘hedge’ against inflation and the devaluation of currency over time, as illustrated in our first video. Holding a potentially appreciating asset like gold, outside of the traditional banking system, is becoming a more attractive proposition than ever before. However, we strongly recommend you seek independent advice or make enquiries of your own prior to purchasing.

This is exactly the principle upon which Legacy Gold was founded. By offering people the opportunity to buy gold from as little as a single gram at a time, you can accumulate your gold over a period of time rather than having to buy a larger (more expensive) amount, in a single order. We even offer our Customers the ability to place an automatic monthly order for the same small amount, each month, hence saving your money as gold on a regular basis.

Now we’re getting into the realms of financial advice and Legacy Gold are not authorised to offer such advice. What we do offer is a simple, straightforward way to purchase physical gold for delivery or storage. No complexities or grey areas and without counterparty risk.

Gold does not attract VAT, whether you are buying for storage or delivery. However it’s recommended that you seek independent advice relating to your personal financial affairs and dealings, since Legacy Gold are unable to offer financial advice. If you have your gold delivered to an address outside the UK, VAT may apply depending on local laws so again, you will need to consult local tax laws before taking delivery.

Many reasons but key ones include:

  • The Legacy Gold Guarantee: every order is backed by physical gold, in your name, every time, for storage or delivery. Your gold… your choice!
  • You can buy your first order at our very lowest price, up to a maximum of 9g;
  • Our ongoing commitment to offering the lowest prices available whenever we are able to, with the added bonus of one-off promotional deals from time to time;
  • Assurance that you are buying the highest quality fine gold available;
  • Free Storage for the first 6 months of each order;
  • A comprehensive history of your purchases in your own secure, online account;
  • If you have never taken delivery of your gold, or own our 10g Legacy-branded bars, we will buy it back from you whenever you want, at the spot price on that particular day… no further mark up!
  • An opportunity to earn an income through our Affiliate programme, by recommending us to others.

Absolutely. When placing your order, simply click the ‘For Delivery’ option and the gold will be delivered, fully insured, direct to your home.

As long as you live in a country which the Company has declared ‘open for business’ then yes you can receive or store your physical gold. As you might expect, delivery charges and insurance premiums may be higher than normal.

We don’t currently have this facility for our Customers – we only accept payment when you make a direct purchase for storage or delivery.

Legacy Gold only offer 999.9 fine gold at this time. We may, at some point in the future, decide to offer other precious metals in various forms and will notify all Customers by email should that happen.

Unfortunately Legacy Gold are not authorised to offer financial advice and that includes how much gold to buy, when to buy and how to store it. Common sense dictates though that you should never purchase more than you can afford at any time and of course, any gold you do hold which has been bought from Legacy Gold, may be converted back to cash at any time. 

  • At this stage our core product offering is only gold bullion in the form of small bars (or fine gold grain when stored in small amounts of less than 10g). However we do not rule out the possibility of promotional offers from time to time on other precious metals or other forms of gold.
  • Although we store small quantities of gold in fine gold grain, we only deliver gold in the form of bars.
  • You pay the price of gold as fixed on the London Gold Fix at 3pm on any particular day, plus the percentage premium over that price which you qualify for as a result of your status. For instance, Consultants receive more preferential buying rates than Customers and Affiliates… who we try to ensure still buy cheaper than anywhere else anyway!
  • The cost of delivery and insurance is also added to your order.
  • From time to time you may be able to take advantage of special promotional offers offering you even greater savings on your purchases.
  • Your buying rates are advertised on the website here: GOLD PRICES and the final price you pay is automatically shown/calculated when you place an order.
    • If you place an order after 3pm on a particular day, that order is automatically charged at your rate above whatever the Gold Fix price is at 3pm on the following day.
    • If you place an order BEFORE 3pm on a particular day, your order is automatically charged at your rate above whatever the Gold Fix price is at 3pm on that day.

You pay in the currency of your country of residence ie. Pound Sterling (£) in the UK or Euro (€) in Europe, although sterlin payments are converted to Euros automatically.

  • Legacy Gold place limits on the amount of gold you may purchase to ensure that we conform with money-laundering rules and regulations.
  • The minimum purchase amount is for a single gram of gold.
  • The maximum amount is for 100g of gold in a single order. Any single Customer may only purchase a maximum of 100g on any one trading day. Requests for larger or multiple orders must receive authorisation in writing from the Company.

The price of gold on the open market is shown in real time and reflect real time fluctuations in the global gold market. However, that is only for your information and our buying and selling prices are fixed as per the London Gold Fix at 3pm on each day.

  • If your purchase is for delivery then naturally you will receive your own bar.
  • Any purchases under 10g, for storage, are held in 999.9 fine gold grain, in your name, until you request delivery of a bar, which is then delivered as your own physical bar.
  • When your holding of gold in storage reaches 10g or more, your gold is held as a physical bar, in your name.

All our gold bars are stamped 999.9 fine gold, which is the industry standard hallmark and represents the purest gold available. They are not individually numbered although you will have an accurate record of your purchases available online.

All transactions are confidential. However in keeping with AML and HMRC regulations and tax legislation, details of purchases will be made available to governmental and regulatory bodies should they be requested.

Our product is sold in grams as opposed to monetary value, so you will always receive the exact weight of gold you purchased at the price you paid (inclusive of delivery, insurance and storage costs where applicable.

  • Legacy Gold prides itself on the integrity of its operation and our ability to get to know our Customers to best satisfy your needs. Only by opening an Account and providing us with some specific details about yourself will we be able to do this.
  • The secondary purpose for opening an Account is to ensure we are able to comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Details of our zero tolerance approach to the misuse of the platform is included in our Terms & Conditions. 
  • Opening a Customer or Affiliate Account is absolutely free.
  • There is a small cost to open a Consultant Account for which Consultants receive a Welcome Pack which costs just £199 inc. VAT, but is worth in excess of £800, including physical gold, Discount Vouchers, your own back office, website and marketing materials. Full details can be found elsewhere on the website.

The Company will accept orders up to a combined weight of 100g, without the uploading of documents. However once your combined orders exceed 100g, then your account will be frozen and only released once you have scanned/photographed and uploaded two pieces of ID. You can do this by scanning a document or photographing it, then uploading it to our servers.

Your gold is stored, in your name, under our control in vaults at a secure site in the UK. For security and insurance purposes we are unable to be more specific in this forum.  

  • Simply send a request to stating how much gold you want to be delivered and in what format ie. size of bar(s).
  • The Company will send you an invoice for the delivery charge (as published on the website).
  • Once cleared funds are received, the Company will arrange to deliver your gold within 48 hours.

You can relax knowing that your gold is secure, insured, outside the banking system and available for delivery at any time.

  • By leaving your gold in storage, you protect the chain of integrity and the value of your gold is therefore guaranteed at the Fix Price which we use, in the event that you wish to sell it back to us. If however you had (say) taken delivery of a number of 1g bars, then Legacy Gold are unable to guarantee the price you would receive when selling them on the open market.
  • When you do eventually want delivery, our method allows you to accumulate your gold holding over a period of time, at a pace that you choose, so that you can eventually take delivery of a single larger bar or a number of smaller bars.

Yes you can but to avoid administration and unnecessary staffing costs, we only allow this for holdings in excess of 0.5kg bars. To arrange a viewing, simply write to the Company at

The first 6 months of every order is stored free of charge. Thereafter, fees are charged as published on our website which will be done initially during September 2016. Fees will be calculated in accordance with the amount of gold stored, since that affects insurance premiums and that determines the level of storage fees. Remember, it is NOT the policy of Legacy Gold to create a profit centre from storage costs, so you can be assured that fees will be VERY competitive compared to other bullion retailers.

Absolutely. Your gold is held in secure vaults, in your name and is 100% insured to the value of gold on any particular day.

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. By only holding gold which has been refined and assayed by our supply partner, we are able to ensure the integrity and quality of our product.

We will buy your gold back at the London Fix price as at 3pm on the day of purchase. Funds will be transferred to your bank account by the close of business on the next working day.

You can select the ‘For Delivery’ option at the time of placing your online order. The gold is insured and is delivered to the address held on the system. Deliveries require a signature, at which point responsibility for the gold passes from the Company to the Customer.

Delivery charges are as follows:

  • 1g – 9g (delivered as 1g bars)                  £6.50
  • 10g bar                                                  £7.50
  • 50g (as 10g bars)                                    £8.50
  • 100g                                                      £11.50
    • Any changes to delivery charges are posted on the website
    • 1g bars for delivery (only) attract a small handling fee

All costs are built in to the Retail Price which you pay. 

No. For security purposes we will only deliver to the address held on file.

The Company has a unique fulfilment relationship with the UK’s oldest refiners of fine gold: Stephen Betts Group.

Absolutely. All products are hallmarked and the integrity of our product and our Customer service are the two most important facets of our business.

Every time you order you will receive a statement of your account. In addition the gold held in storage, in your name, is regularly and routinely audited by a third party and cross checked with transaction records.

  • The ultimate test of course is to either ask for delivery or sell your gold back to us but we can assure you that the exact amount of gold you have ordered for storage, is ALWAYS held as physical gold, in your name. 

Statements are available online in your Account. A statement of your gold holding is also included on your invoice whenever you place an order, which is sent either physically (when gold is delivered), or electronically when gold is ordered for storage.

Legacy Gold SL is a Limited Company, registered in Spain, (BO4836367) with a registered office at Huercal Overa 04693

The Company believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own gold and be aware of how affordable it really is. It’s really about showing people how to keep their money safe, no matter how much they have.

In addition, through its Affiliate Programme, the Company offers people from all walks of life, regardless of background or experience, an opportunity to develop a business of their own, with virtually zero financial risk. The people behind the Company are creating a culture of helping others with all areas of their lives through practical mentoring and a dynamic business opportunity. This is the Legacy which the Company aims to build on a global basis.

By restricting overheads and using cost-effective yet powerful marketing techniques to attract a massive customer base, the Company is happy to make a small profit on a lot of orders, rather than a bigger profit on fewer orders. By passing on the savings to our Customers, our Customers tell others and the Company receives more orders. And so it goes on…

In the unlikely event that this should ever happen, then your gold is still secure with our supply partners who have copies of all Customer details and gold holdings. Remember the gold is always physically available and is kept in your name. You will be at liberty to call it off for delivery at any time. Your gold never appears on the balance sheet of Legacy Gold so is never under threat.

Legacy Gold have a legal obligation to inform HMRC of any transactions which take total purchases over the £10,000 threshold.

Should we be required by law to provide information to properly authorised bodies, then we will do so, otherwise your data and purchase history will remain strictly confidential and not be shared.

Unfortunately we live in an age when a few dishonest people may use gold, the purest form of money, to fund illegal activities or, from the opposite perspective, use illegally gained funds to purchase a portable asset like gold.

At Legacy Gold we take every precaution to ensure that this doesn’t happen, which ultimately preserves the integrity of our operation for our Customers. In keeping with legislation and as part of our Know Your Customer protocol, we:

Ask for proof of ID so we know our Customers;

Restrict Customer Accounts to one per address;

Place limits on the value of individual orders;

Reserve the right to suspend activity on accounts, but only in extreme circumstances if we suspect fraudulent activity and are requested to do so by recognised authorities. 

Upgrading is entirely up to you. Through our unique Affiliate Programme, Legacy Gold encourage you to recommend us to others. It can be as simple as sending someone a link to your own dedicated website homepage which the Company provides for you, absolutely free of charge. There they can watch the videos, have a look around and decide if they would like to open an account of their own.

Every time someone who you introduced opens an account and makes a purchase, the Company pays you a small commission as a Thank You. And we continue to pay you every time they buy! Full details can be found here in our Reward Programme

Customers wishing to upgrade to Affiliate status can do so by clicking the ‘Change Personal Details’ link on the website. Once you’ve upgraded you will retain your existing ID number, but you will be at liberty to receive commissions in line with the Reward Programme, when you introduce others.

It’s absolutely free!! There’s no charge so you’ve got nothing to lose. Absolutely nothing!

A secure server safeguards your internet communications by requesting authentication for server access, encrypting private information and protecting the integrity of your data. While in a secure area you will see either the Netscape closed key, closed lock, or the Microsoft closed lock. These symbols indicate that all data being transmitted, such as your credit card information is strongly encrypted. The secure server extension will also be noted in your browser's address bar as

It allows users to confirm a Web server's identity. SSL-enabled client software, such as a Web browser, can automatically check that a server's certificate and public ID are valid and have been issued by a certificate authority (CA)—such as VeriSign, Thawte—listed in the client software's list of trusted CAs. SSL server authentication is vital for secure e-commerce transactions in which, for example, users send credit card numbers over the Web and first want to verify the receiving server's identity.

It requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting private information from interception over the Internet. In addition, all data sent over an encrypted SSL connection is protected with a mechanism for detecting tampering—that is, for automatically determining whether the data has been altered in transit. This means that users can confidently send private data, such as credit card numbers, to a Web site, trusting that SSL keeps it private and confidential.

We guarantee we’ll do everything within our power to keep the website safe. In security though there is no 100% solution, while we’re highly effective there are various variables we cannot account for eg.if an attacker discovers your admin passwords, or if your website is infected from the back-end (server cross-contamination or compromise not within our control).

We take the issue of confidentiality very seriously. All documentation received is kept securely; electronic copies are stored on a secure server. Both the secure cabinet and server have restricted access policies in place, which prevents any unauthorized personnel from having access to your documentation.

To keep your information secure we typically put our database server behind a firewall. In addition, we either do not store credit card information or store it in an encrypted form. This guarantees security against hackers.

Legacy Gold has a number of measures to prevent and reduce the amount of credit card fraud. At a basic level, Ignify provides the following level of protection.

AVS (Address Verification Service) Protection that checks the billing address 3 or 4-digit CSC/ CID (Card Security Code or Card ID Code) protection that provides an additional level of security over the AVS

The protection feature is a custom Website Firewall solution that functions as a perimeter defense for your website. In technical terms, it's recognized as an Intrusion Detection System and an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) designed specifically for websites. It filters all incoming traffic to your website through our network, allowing us to detect and stop all malicious traffic.

Yes, it will stop hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities. Although no Company in the world can ever guarantee 100% complete security, we endeavor to take ALL possible precautions.

High availability infrastructure is one of our Firewall’s features. To best assist our customers, our servers are distributed around the world. 

The Business plan offers load balancing. This distributes traffic across a number of servers to increase capacity and reliability.

The Firewall offers a number of configuration options including Protected Page, blocking XMLRPC, IP Whitelisting, Virtual Patching and Hardening etc.