As a Consultant, you can buy gold in the normal way, but at our very lowest prices...
SAVING UP TO AN EXTRA 10% over spot price every time you buy!

Legacy Gold are proud to offer an Opportunity whereby anyone, regardless of background or experience, can develop a home-based business, with all the support of a franchise, without the costs and overheads, yet with SERIOUS earning potential.

9th September 2019


On 12th October, Legacy Gold will be launching no fewer than 5 complementary product opportunities through this website. We'll also be introducing a whole new way to get involved and purchase your own Legacy Gold Network Franchise.

So, to ensure that no-one misses out in the run up to the announcements, we're temporarily suspending the opening of new Consultant accounts. In the meantime, please feel free to go ahead and open a FREE Affiliate account. This will also ensure that you receive all the news and updates ahead of the new announcements AND enable you to share your unique Affiliate link with others.

All the news will be shared at a unique and free-to-attend event on 12th October 2019, at the Daresbury Park Hotel in Warrington. Places are strictly limited so for details of how you can receive your personal invitation, please speak to the person who introduced you to Legacy Gold or write to us directly at

Anyone opening a new Affiliate Account during September will also receive a link to register and receive a guaranteed place at the event.

These are exciting times and we promise that it will be worth the wait!

Shaun Charity,
Founder, Legacy Gold.


Step 1: Share our video link and a Customer Discount Voucher for someone to buy at our lowest rate;

Step 2: They open an Account and buy gold;

Step 3: We pay you for the referral, every time they buy;

Step 4: They share our video link; And so it duplicates because our product is the best value money can buy!

And here's the thing... if you never shared the videos, or built a business, the savings you make on your gold purchases, will very quickly pay for the cost of becoming a Consultant anyway!!

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